FARCOVE law has a network of independent shipping lawyers who regularly advise on carriage of goods, charterparties, marine insurance, protection and indemnity claims, towage, salvage and other marine transactions. They handle variety of shipping-related transactions, create investment holding structures to efficiently manage shipping assets, negotiate sale and purchase of ships, arrange for ship financing and render advice on various shipping forms. In addition to these, our independent shipping lawyers typically deal with wet admiralty work such as damaged cargo, collision, stranding, wrecks and marine pollution.

FARCOVE law's offshore shipping offering also includes registration of yachts and vessels for private or commercial use. Selecting a flag is a complex process and with the ever increasing number of jurisdictions available, making the choice has become increasingly challenging for the owners. Our network will be able to assist vessel interests obtain registration from the world's leading ship registry. 

FARCOVE law maintains good relationships with a number of maritime administrations in Asia Pacific.