FARCOVE law understands not only the law associated with gaming, but also the business behind it.

The world of gaming is complex and evolving. With the extraordinary growth in the gaming industry over the last fifteen years, legal issues are becoming prevalent in in the industry.

Our network is very proud of having legal professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the law and regulations that govern the area of gaming and leisure.  Our independent licensed attorneys don't just practice gaming law; they are often at the forefront of the growing industry. Their gaming practice focuses on casinos, online gaming, junkets and racing. They typically render legal solutions and specialist advice on legal and regulatory aspects of gaming in relation to investment strategies and business acquisitions.

FARCOVE law is able to help on proposals on gaming ventures, preparation of licence applications, advisory on licensing and regulatory matters, negotiating gaming-related transactions, and urgent support on compliance issues and regulatory audit.

While regulatory liberalisation is creating new opportunities in some jurisdictions, tightening legislation is closing down avenues in others. Our independent lawyers' vast knowledge of the sector allows us to advise clients on how to recognise, protect and optimise their opportunities within this shifting landscape.